Muhannad Alrisi

Hi, I'm Muhannad

- Web developer

About me

What I Do ?

I'm a software engineer , I develop web application and other tech stuff..
to know more about what I do you can check my blog

  • Some of the posts projects might be on my github account

What languages I currently using

I'm doing a lot these days but most of the work is on Nodejs & php.
including working with DBs such as MySQL & MongoDB

Other languages ?

I used to write c# when I was working in one of the companies as .Net / developer


I do like working with any framework but my choice for building a site will be at least one of these amazing framework included

  • Klein.php (My site is built with it). php
  • Symfony php
  • Wordpress php as a platform
  • Drupal php as platform
  • Laravel php
  • ExpressJS JS
  • VueJS JS
  • Deno oak JS

My code editor ?

at the moment I do see the best open source that is meeting my needs is VS code