Muhannad Alrisi

Tailwindcss for fast prototyping

To be clear that I'm not a UI/UX developer but I enjoy doing some of the UI 😄 because most of my work as FULL STACK developer. I've to use something that boost my work and I started to see that tailwindcss become a something so I said I'll give it a try.

Went through 2 of screen-casts and I get the grep of it. now I can say it's a good framework till now I spent on this framework like 4-5.5 hours. but it did not slow my progress of the work.

🖐 wait is almost 6 hours are good to say that this framework is a good framework for me it's a yes. the main thing that you require from any css framework is the grid system, normlaizecss included ...etc

but the main thing is that you do not have to write the utility classes and most of them required in your work.

the second is that the break-points of the screens are done and you don't have to write it.

you can check it from here Tailwind CSS.

sorry that I can not provide any sample of the code - working on this to allow the posts include some snippets without going to other sites